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How to Buy Medications Much Cheaper?

Being healthy is fashionable and also beneficial. Being sick is very expensive today. Any visit to the pharmacy will cost several hundred dollars. This is especially acute for people with chronic ailments who have to regularly spend money on drugs. But you can save on them! We have prepared 6 simple tips that will reduce the cost of medicines.

6 easy ways to save on your medications

How to Buy Medications Much Cheaper_

Do not buy drugs in excess

Not everyone knows that it is not necessary to buy a whole package of medicine. Sometimes, to complete a course prescribed by a doctor, you will need only one or two blisters of tablets or several ampoules. So you will not pay for extra medicines that you will not even need. If a pharmacy don’t sell the drug you need with blisters, go to the next one. Fortunately, there are a lot of them today.

Use cheap analogues of expensive drugs

Doctors often prescribe expensive advertised drugs. Sometimes they have no analogues and you have to buy exactly what is prescribed to you. But it often happens that a well-known branded drug has a cheaper analogue. Such drugs are called generics.

A simple example: instead of buying expensive drugs in your local pharmacy, you can find cheaper alternatives through this service. Ask the doctor to list the analogues of the prescribed medication, if any.

Buy medication online

Another way to save money is to buy drugs in online pharmacies. Such stores do not have their own trading floors, so they operate purely online. An example of such a company is Canadian Pharmacy Ezzz. The prices in this online pharmacy are lower because they do not pay for the rental of trading floors.

The downside of online pharmacies is that it usually takes a day or two to deliver a purchase to a customer. If you need medicines urgently, this option will not work – in this case, you’d better buy medicines in a local pharmacy in order to immediately use them.

Compare prices

There are many pharmacies today and their prices are different. Do not buy the entire list of prescribed drugs in the nearest store. If you walk at least in your neighborhood, you can probably find it cheaper.

It is more convenient, of course, to study the market via the Internet. PhamacyChecker is a pretty popular service, where you can compare the prices for drugs in different pharmacies.

After spending 10-50 minutes studying the market, you can experience a slight shock when you see how much the prices for the same medicine may differ. You can save 10-50% on your meds. Savings can reach several hundred dollars.

Cheak your first-aid kit

Review your home first-aid kit. Throw away the expired drugs and create a list with all the remaining ones (preferably indicating the shelf life of the drugs). Always take them with you to see a doctor. It is possible that you may have drugs that are needed for a particular case or their analogues.


Both online and offline pharmacies offer various promotions: “Product of the day”, “Seasonal discount”, “Two packs for one”. Using such offers, you can save 20-50%.

Discounted goods are usually displayed on a pharmacy’ storefront or on the website’s main page (if you buy medicines online). Many online pharmacies announce sales on their websites.

Be a regular client

If you like a particular drugstore and you often buy medicines there, you can get loyal customer bonuses. So you get a discount for medicines, free pills, or you can pay part of the purchase with bonuses.