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Purpose of the Event

The Kickoff to Applefest 3.5 Mile Run/Walk is a fundraiser for the Bayfield Area Recreation Center.  Thank you for supporting this great cause!

The Bayfield Area Recreation Center is a true community center that serves all ages and layers of our population in many vital ways.  The facility features a full-size pool, whirlpool, fitness room, racquetball court and classroom.  Children take Red Cross swim lessons, and come to skateboard, swim and play basketball after school.  Adults exercise to maintain their health and take classes in nutrition, yoga, kayaking, CPR and more.  Seniors do physical therapy to recover from surgery or injury and gather to socialize and exercise.  Families spend quality time together away from the television.  The Recreation Center provides access to activities and programs that are important to both general community wellness and specific health issues (child obesity, diabetes, stroke, heart attacks, orthopedic rehabilitation).  In this rural and economically-challenged area, there are few other affordable and accessible places for people exercise to maintain or restore their health.
Recreation and Fitness Resources (RFR) is a 501c3 non-profit that has run the Recreation Center for the past four years, with the simple mission “to operate and finance the Bayfield Area Recreation Center for public use”.  The facility is owned by the School District of Bayfield; RFR leases the Recreation Center for $1 per year and is responsible for all operations.  Financing a community recreation center in a rural environment is very challenging.  Fundraisers like the Kickoff to Applefest 3.5 Mile Run/Walk are an important way for us to raise money and keep the Rec Center’s doors open.